HOT JOB: Senior Graphic Designer with That’s Nice marketing agency

Marketing agency of 30+ people based in New York City, specializing in integrated corporate branding, seeks a fulltime multi-disciplinary senior designer with 6-8 years post-college experience fulltime at a design firm, studio or marketing firm (ad agency designers should not apply). The successful candidate must be highly proficient with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator (using Adobe CS5 suite), and at doing their own production—it is essential that you can complete projects from concept to delivery.

That’s Nice works for clients in materials and life science industries—specialty manufacturing, biologics and pharmaceutical markets. Experience in these sectors would, therefore, be an advantage; however, a background working with high-volume information graphics would also be well-suited to our work. We are not looking for editorial, in-house or packaging designers.

This position requires a highly creative person who can work through and manage integrated projects from concept to production. There is no team management responsibility but candidates must be able to work independently, handling many projects at one time, and also collaborate in a team environment—interpreting direction from design directors, assisting interns and utilizing other skilled staff around them. This position requires the handling of large volumes of technical information, file management, research, layout design and new creative mood board design. Above all, excellent typography skills and experience building files to finished production standards using all CS5 programs are a must. We do not have a production department and all released files must be print ready.

A traditional background in print design with interest in working in many different media would be an advantage—work will be primarily print and branding based. (Programmers, animators and motion-graphic designers need not apply).

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