ERP Project Manager – Atlatl Software

Atlatl™ Software is in the process of developing and marketing several Sales Resource Planning (SRP™) applications. “DART™” includes two (2) modules: the Product Configuration Module and the Quote Management Module. “SPEAR™” is a customer relationship management-like application. It utilizes what we call a “Customer Engagement Engine” to help salespeople become more effective and successful. 

Position Description: 
Atlatl is a fast growing enterprise software provider with offices in Charleston, SC and Portland, OR. The company is planning to deploy an ERP solution to integrate the various departments within the organization and streamline its accounting and financial reporting processes. 

We are looking to hire an experience ERP Project/Program Manager with a proven track record of taking a company through all of the steps associated with a successful deployment, from initial planning to creating budgets and timelines to managing the implementation of the solution. 

Atlatl offers you: 
• Empowerment – we believe in the power of our people and what they bring to the table. 
• Challenge – we believe in pursuing and producing the highest quality of cutting edge technology. 
• Excellence in Execution – we believe and thrive on a balance of innovation and production. 
• Core Values – we believe strongly in our core values, live them, and grow within them each day. 
• Trail Blazers – we believe in being the first to pave the way in our industry and every person on our team is a trail blazer in their own right.