Why Can’t I Get a Job… Part 2

With graduation quickly approaching, the Portfolio Center hears a lot of the same questions and challenges from students. Twice a week, we will feature another FAQ, with pointers from our staff.

Q: I feel like I AM qualified for the jobs that I’m applying for, yet I’m not even getting contacted for interviews. What’s the deal with that?

A: First, consider getting both your resume and cover letter reviewed. Oftentimes the resume will look just fine, but if your cover letter is really weak, it’s just the same as submitting a sloppy, poorly written resume. Jobs are more scarce than they’ve been in decades, so you have to be sure that all of your professional documents are in order, not just the resume. Check out this template to learn more about how cover letters should be structured and what the purpose of each paragraph is. Additionally, job seekers often feel that applying for a few jobs here and there is “a lot” of applications. Make it a habit to actively search and even apply for a new position or two every day, rather than waiting to hear back from the ones you’ve already submitted. Sometimes we might do everything “right”, but for whatever reason, another candidate will be chosen for the position. As discouraging as this can be, recognize that you did well enough to be in the running, and that you have everything you need to pursue additional opportunities.

Stay tuned for more tips on Monday!