We had an incredible visit from Bento Box Entertainment!  They produce Bob’s Burgers, The Awesomes, Brickleberry and much more!  They are a totally all computer animation studio.
Bento Box has three locations and is expanding to a fourth!  One is in Burbank, CA, one in Los Angeles and one in Atlanta.  The fourth location hasn’t been revealed yet.

Sidney Clifton, Head Recruiter talked about what it takes to work at Bento Box. It is SIMPLE:
S = software skills.  Toon Boom, Harmony, Photoshop, Storyboard Pro are all key. I = Integrity and Intelligence – mental and emotional. M = Motivation and Maturity.  P = Portfolio and Preparation.   L & E = Life Experience.

They are hiring freelancers now too, and even if you’re not an animator or illustrator, animation companies still hire directors, DP’s, set designers, production designers, production assistants, sound, music, post, etc.