Freelancing Tool Kit: Contracts and Business Formation

Lawyer and music industry pro Justin Wexler joined us on Monday for our second Freelancing workshop of the semester. If you missed it, here are a few highlights.

Justin broke contracts down into their essential elements – an offer, and acceptance of the offer. Of course, many contracts include much more information about terms. For example, most include information on duration, usage, and geography in which a contract applies. Terms can sometimes be negotiated, but only if you understand common language. A lawyer becomes important anytime you have questions about a particular term means. In Chicago, Lawyers for the Creative Arts is a great resource for students who need access to legal services.

Justin recommended these articles by Steve Albini and Courtney Love for any musicians considering a recording contract.

Let’s throw in some bonus content on business formation! Many people think that when you launch a business, registering as an LLC is a must. In fact there are many other good (and less expensive) options to make your business official.

Join us on April 8th for Legal Basics Part 2: Copyrights!