Freelancing Toolkit Session: Crafting Contracts

For the final Freelancing Tool Kit Session this semester, Cara Dehnert Huffman from the AEMM department presented on Crafting Contracts. This session provided students with a walk-through of typical contract language, to help you know what you are agreeing to when you sign a document.

Among other things, Dehnert Huffman pointed out that you can write a contract for pretty much anything, with a lot of variation in the terms. The flexibility of content can make it difficult for new freelancers to know what to include- or what should raise a red flag. In this video, we asked her to walk through the three essential parts of a contract.

Dehnert Huffman also pointed out that Lawyers for the Creative Arts ( here in Chicago is a great resource for creative professionals in need of contract advice. Though there is sometimes a wait to get service, meeting with a lawyer is often either free or low cost depending on your income.

Stay tuned for more Freelancing events this spring!