On Record!

As a graduate student in the Business and Design department, what prompted you to initiate On Record, and how has your academic background influenced the development of this venture?

Cameron Rosenthal: I started On Record as an art community after taking a Gender Studies class at Columbia as an undergraduate in February 2018. We would produce live shows featuring all the creative industries we could fit in one space every six months to highlight underrepresented artists and entrepreneurs in the city. When the pandemic hit, and we couldn’t have live shows anymore, I knew it was time for innovation. Eventually, that led me to come back to Columbia as a Master of Arts Management candidate. I came to the business department with the intention of using this program to relaunch my business with the skills and network I needed to have a solid foundation for making a larger impact on the creative community. The foundational courses at Columbia, covering marketing, financial management, leadership, strategic planning, law, and practicums such as events management, artist management, and creative agency, equipped me with a solid toolkit to expand my business. My incredible cohort and team members, whom I met through the MAM program, played a crucial role in building On Record’s foundations. Together, we leveraged our logistical strengths and creativity to develop a system that not only supported our artists optimally but also fostered a connection with our growing audience.

What specific strategies or initiatives do you have in place to ensure that On Record achieves its mission of supporting sustainability and providing visibility to local artists?

Cameron Rosenthal: We are utilizing our own resources, networks, and skills that we have honed during our time in the MAM program to develop scalable event guidelines and schedules for pop-up events. Each event uses innovative techniques to enhance artist engagements and connects audiences with local talent, specifically targeting companies and individuals with hiring power and an interest in cross-industry creative careers. We are dedicated to creating a system of community engagement and collaboration that integrates these cross-industry creative careers into daily life by developing community integration and partnership programs with local businesses and communities. This effort aims to uplift and showcase the diverse artistic talents of Chicago, aligning closely with our mission to transform the city’s engagement with local artists and small businesses.

With the launch of Chicago’s first-ever local art subscription service, could you elaborate on the strategic thinking behind this initiative and its potential impact on both artists and subscribers?

Cameron Rosenthal: Following the success of our first event and the insights gained from audience feedback, we will be producing a series of live events and workshops throughout the 2024 seasons. This initiative will feature art pieces and merchandise from our diverse, cross-industry creative roster. Leveraging this momentum from our first event, we plan to develop our subscription service further and other innovative platforms designed to enhance the connection between our artists and audience, informed directly by their collective feedback. We have established a small focus group from our pre-sales audience to receive our prototype, initiating an ongoing cycle of feedback that will continually shape our service offerings. This approach will be an active transformation driven by the needs and perspectives of our community.

Congratulations on the recent Gala event on April 18th! As fellow graduate students in the Business and Design department, what motivated you to join the On Record team?

Emma Broun: I was motivated to join the On Record team because I really believed in what Cam is  trying to do! Her goal of uplifting the local arts economy is so important and I’m excited to be a part of it.

What specific roles and responsibilities do you hold within the On Record team, and how have your academic experiences prepared you for these tasks?

Emma Broun: I started out on the team as the accountant, helping Cam create event budgets and financial projections. I only knew how to do this because of our accounting and finance classes at Columbia! This role turned into event planning and communications, and I helped create the event production schedule and layout and worked on a lot of our print materials. I also developed some of these skills through our
coursework, especially the two events management practicum classes I took!

What are your aspirations for the future of On Record, especially as you transition from graduate students to professionals in your respective fields?

Emma Broun: I’d love to see On Record thrive in the future. We’re currently working on event plans for this summer, and I’ll definitely be on the team as long as On Record will have me! I want to go into event planning and fundraising for my career, and getting involved with On Record has been a great way to develop my portfolio and expand my
professional network.


Photo credit Sareh Ma’ani (also a Columbia alum) Instagram: @sarehmaani website www.sarehmaani.com

Cameron Rosenthal – Founder

Emma Broun – VP of Finance and Communication

Eden George – VP of Marketing

Dani Lioce – Senior Graphic Designer