Meet the B&E Social Media and Newsletter Team

Junqiao Li



Lynette Hoover


Photo credits: Charles Hammond Jr.


What skills or lessons have you gained from your experience as a graduate assistant in social media management?

Junqiao Li: In my role as a graduate assistant in social media management, I’ve had the opportunity to refine my adaptability, particularly in tailoring social media strategies to connect with the American audience. While gaining experience in Chinese Social Media Marketing for Christie’s, a global auction house, my time as a graduate assistant allowed me to extend my skills to English-language platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Working within a small team environment presented me with diverse opportunities. I actively participated in more creative tasks such as content creation, which encouraged me to explore my imaginative side. Additionally, I assumed leadership roles like calendar planning, where I could exercise strategic thinking and organizational skills in a supportive environment.

Lynette Hoover: Coming into the role of a grad assistant in social media management, I was excited to apply my knowledge and grow in this dynamic environment. I quickly learned how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms and keep up with algorithm updates to maximize our reach and impact. Delving into consumer analytics has been particularly enlightening, as I grew the ability to interpret data trends and user insights to tailor our content strategy for more optimal engagement. Moreover, being part of a team has allowed me to collaborate effectively, brainstorming creative ideas and troubleshooting challenges together. Doing social media for an academic organization teaches you to be well-rounded fostering connections across a diverse audience and campus like Columbia. This experience has not only sharpened my technical skills but also instilled in me the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of evolving digital landscapes.

How do you plan to leverage your experience in social media management in your career endeavors after graduating in May?

Junqiao Li: In my future career endeavors, especially within the marketing industry in the United States, I aim to draw upon my experience in social media management. I recognize social media as a valuable tool for gaining insights into various audience segments and fostering innovation, particularly from a content marketing perspective. By applying the lessons learned from my experiences, I aspire to craft narratives and content that resonate authentically with diverse audiences. Furthermore, I hope to remain open to exploring emerging trends and technologies within the social media landscape to continually refine my approach and deliver impactful marketing strategies.

Lynette Hoover: After graduating in May, I plan to apply the knowledge I have learned to my career in social media and digital strategies and to my venture of building a fashion network for underrepresented communities. The work I have been able to contribute to our team has allowed me to be confident creatively. Furthermore, I want to expand on the importance of having diverse perspectives in the industry and how everyone can be a strategic leader in a team.