Introducing Our New Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program!

The Business and Entrepreneurship Department at Columbia College is excited to launch its new Entrepreneurship and Innovation bachelor’s degree and certificate program. 

These programs provide students with the opportunity to study entrepreneurship as an undergraduate major, minor, certificate, or master’s degree, aligning with the college’s vision that every student can pitch a new venture and write a preliminary business plan. 

Columbia’s value proposition is creativity. Innovation is implementing creativity as a viable opportunity. Viable opportunities drive new entrepreneurial ventures and new areas of existing brands and businesses. 

It has been reported that global economic growth is in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion because it circumvents existing systems of discrimination and marginalization. It also empowers emerging economies because it allows them to build new opportunities instead of relying on existing infrastructure. 

For students, entrepreneurship enables them to build sustainable businesses and careers from their creativity, bypassing existing gatekeepers and power structures. This is increasingly vital in a rapidly changing world due to technology, globalization, and post-COVID acceleration of change. 

One noteworthy addition to our curriculum is Creativity and Innovation Strategies, a one-hundred-level course designed to build students’ creativity and innovation skills and harness them for career opportunities. 

Creativity and innovation are nurtured and can be learned and improved through training. 

Our faculty, many of whom have launched their own ventures, are well-positioned to support this program, providing students with practical insights and mentorship. 

Join us as we embrace entrepreneurship and innovation, unlocking new possibilities and shaping the future of business at Columbia College.