Meet Your B&E Department Student Senator: Camryn Mather!


Your journey to becoming the Student Senator for the Business and Entrepreneurship Department is inspiring. What motivated you to pursue this role, and how has it impacted your experience at Columbia? 

I became the Business and Entrepreneurship senator to address institutional shortcomings highlighted during strikes and to advocate for change. Collaborating with the Business and Entrepreneurship Department Chair, Jerry Brindisi, I prioritized student concerns. Now, as a senator, I organize events, fund initiatives, and represent the B&E student body formally. This role has deepened my understanding of Columbia and empowered me to effect change. 


Balancing academics, leadership roles, and entrepreneurial ventures can be daunting. How do you effectively manage your time?   

Managing multiple responsibilities requires self-discipline and prioritization. I break down my goals into manageable tasks and prioritize self-care activities like sleep, meditation, and relaxation to stay creative and effective.   


What initiatives do you plan for the CCC student body as a Student Senator? 

I’m focused on increasing awareness of resources through events like “Let’s Taco-bout It” and amplifying student voices with initiatives like the “Amplifying Student Voices” survey, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed by the administration. 


Congratulations on winning the “B.E. You” competition! Can you tell us about your entrepreneurial pursuits? 

Thank you! I’m passionate about creating vibrant artistic communities. Currently interning at the Epiphany Center for the Arts, I’m involved in establishing a symbiotic relationship between CCC and Epiphany, creating career opportunities by organizing a curatorial committee that will oversee our exhibitions and gain hands-on experience in the art center. 


What are your future aspirations, both academically and professionally, and how do you plan to continue making a positive impact? 

 My aspiration for my future is to be immersed in art for the rest of my life. I am studying arts management because I was told at an early age that artists starve. Therefore, in my professional career, I am determined to change the narrative of the “starving artist” through community organization. My career goal is to contribute to generating business in creative industries. I aspire to supply people with the necessary tools and platforms to make a livable income as artists. I will collaborate with artists of all kinds to hold events, curate galleries, produce art, and sell products. My purpose is to support people in living out their passions while making my dreams come true.