Experience the World’s Largest Arts Festivals: The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh


Join the excitement as hundreds of artists and performers take to the stages of the city, presenting a wide array of shows to satisfy every taste. From art installations in museums and public parks to alternative spaces and big-name performers in the world of entertainment, there is something for everyone to enjoy. These festivals are a hub for creative producers and media professionals scouting for the next big talent, making it an unmissable opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their work.

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the world’s largest performing and visual arts festivals, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, and Edinburgh International Festival. Immerse yourself in new and experimental works across Theatre, Comedy, Dance, Music, Musicals, Physical Theatre Circus, Cabaret, Opera, Exhibitions, Events, and Spoken Word.

Don’t miss the chance to support Columbia College faculty member Joe Janes and his talented team, as they present their comedic masterpiece, “Macbeth By The Sea”. With the help of Ric Walker, Wendi Weber, and Andi Dymond, this show promises to be a highlight of the festival.

“After completing this course with success, students will have the ability to utilize academic and professional knowledge and expertise to manage festivals effectively.  They will be able to describe the historical evolution and current cultural significance of global arts festivals, evaluate festival experiences, including their content, stakeholders, structure, and impact, while taking into account diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns, and contribute to the creation of a high-quality live performance or festival events, while demonstrating strong management, decision-making, and teamwork skills,” says Associate Professor / Coordinator of Arts Management, Robert Blandford.

To register for this course students can visit www.buseabroad.com and apply for this course during the summer.