EVYN is all set to release new music with AEMMP

Evyn is a Chicago-based artist who represents her hometown “the 818”, located in Los Angeles, California. She ignited a professional history of ghostwriting and gained expansive experiences providing background vocals for names such as Paul McCartney, John Legend, Quincy Jones, Mariah Carey, and more.

Since 2018, the singer-songwriter began singing about her own sensual experiences through her melodically vulnerable lyricism. Evyn is known for her eccentric forms and R&B, providing a cool, smooth, androgynous vibe. Within her music, she creates a safe space to let the audience feel every human emotion along with her through her vulnerability as a queer black woman.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

Some of my biggest inspirations musically come from names like Pharrell, Whitney Houston, Brandy, and Kanye West. I chose them because they all played a part in sparking love and interest in me musically.

What would you describe your music style to be?

I would describe my music under the umbrella term of R&B but in reality, I welcome every subgenre of it in my music and I actually strive to make a beautiful and peaceful blend of other genres with RnB. RnB just so happens to be my language.

What drew you to produce your own music?

The thing that drew me to production was Kanye’s “Gold Digger”. I loved the 808s and a lot of people don’t know this but my first handheld instrument was the drums. So that song spoke to me as it was my first “secular” rhythmic exposure. What inspired me to actually sit down and start playing around with GarageBand was Steve Lacy. Grammy-nominated for producing a whole album on his phone! Now his phone is framed in the Smithsonian. That was monumental for a lot of people.

What is one piece of advice that has been very meaningful in your music career?

The piece of advice that had been meaningful to me is to just act on how I feel In full transparency and full vulnerability. Music is ruled, communicated, and powered by emotions and feelings. Many of the greatest musicians of all time don’t know the theory, but they did what felt right and grew a relationship with music through that. The act and the state of flow are key!

What can we expect from you over the next semester along with AEMMP?

With AEMMP you can expect more growth, shows, and a whole lot more vulnerability !! …I guess you can say that I’ll AEMMPlify my emotions In every medium.