Student Spotlight: Teo Canizares

Class of 22, Founder of DeLaHoya Co. Born and raised in Chicago. Teo specializes in event management and more recently talent management. In his practice, he focuses on artist development emphasizing new artists that may have never performed or even have any songs tracked. He has had clients go from little 100 cap shows to opening Lollapalooza sets. Watching his artist’s dreams come true is what drives his passion and fuels his vision.


You did your undergrad at Columbia. Can you tell us more about what you majored in and minored in?

In undergrad I did a few things, originally I was an audio major and a business minor. At the end of my freshman year, I realized how passionate I was for business so I decided to drop audio and pursue studies in business with a concentration in artist management.


You have been working in the events space for a while now. How has your experience been in hosting events and managing artists?

I’ll start with events, those were arguably one of the best times of my professional career so far. We really were fortunate enough to have the following we did pre-pandemic. It was a regular thing to fill the venue with max capacity, and watch people having fun, it was so cool to be a part of and witness. I’m very grateful for that. As for managing, it’s a different type of art for me I like to have a personal relationship with the person and then meet the artist. I basically look at it, as if you can establish a friendship to some sort of degree it’s a lot easier, to be honest with your clients and not be “yes manning” them all the time. I think people start out really wanting to be accepted and agree to things and don’t express their concerns as it relates to the business aspect of an artist’s career.


How is pursuing the master’s program helping you achieve your career goals?

I’m in the first semester of my first year, and with that said I’m really trying to find my focus and where to put my energy this time around. One thing that has been great so far is expanding my network. I also feel more involved academically as well as professionally. All in all, I think being surrounded by like-minded people is a step in the right direction, and formulating ideas with others is always positive.


Where do you see yourself after graduating?

After graduating, I have a few ideas. One being I work for myself working as a talent agent. Shameless plug if you need a manager I am very available. Secondly, I really would love to be on the road again, a tour management position for the summer would be fantastic, and see where it takes me after. Lastly, this has been a thought of mine since sophomore year, I’ve been teasing the idea of law school post-graduation. It’s always been an interest of mine and especially IP law. That being said I have a little bit of time to figure it out and that’s what we’re here for.