SXSW 2019: Student Testimonials

SXSW 2019: Student Testimonials

(Left to Right) Andrei Akimov, Rana Liu, Lena Maria Ludwig, Nalanie Molina, Cara Weaver, Veronica Inberg, Kelly Schmader

This March, graduate and undergraduate students from Columbia traveled to Austin, Texas for the 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) EDU Conference and Festival, an international event that hosts innovative creatives from around the world. Attending SXSW was an integral part of taking one of the spring courses: Artist Management, Executive Producing, Digital Distribution, Music Publishing, Hip-Hop, and Rock Studies. Students had exclusive access to networking opportunities with a diverse community of industry professionals. They were able to attend live musical performances, unreleased movie screenings, panel discussions with influential celebrities, and more.

We asked some of the students who attended to share a piece of their experience with us and to talk about how the trip has impacted their personal career aspirations.

Rana Liu, Master of Arts Management, 2019

Going to SXSW has always been a dream of mine, and having the opportunity to go this year was incredible!  The best of the best in television, film, music, media and technology all come together for one week in Austin, Texas. I had the chance to connect with industry professionals from around the world, meet and see my favourite stars (yes I got to see a special pop-up concert of Boyz II Men) and even encounter some fellow Canadians! This is a trip of a lifetime and a highlight of my graduate degree at Columbia College Chicago!

Amanda Coluzzi, Music Business and Live & Performing Arts Management Major, 2019

I was able to do a lot of networking, and it made me more focused on finding a job in doing something that I love.

Crispin Torres, Master of Arts Management, 2020

My experience at SXSW [was] incredible and unlike any other conference I have ever attended. By day, I participated in meetings and networking events with industry professionals; by night, I saw live music all across the city and met folks from video game designers to hip-hop producers, visual artists, and beyond. There were so many talented and inspiring creatives, I am still digesting the experience!

Diana Olivia, Artist Management, 2019

While there, you get to meet a lot of up and coming people in your industry and it’s just been really motivating talking to others who also share your passion. Being able to talk to people already working in the industry was also very inspiring because it’s cool to see someone succeeding.