Student Spotlight: Rickey Pearson (BA ’17)

Student Spotlight: Rickey Pearson (BA ’17)

Rickey PearsonRickey Pearson is a junior Fashion Design major with an Arts Management minor in the Business & Entrepreneurship Department. While attending classes at Columbia, he manages his own clothing line called Odds Make Evens. On a mission to develop his own brand as a fashion designer and rapper, Rickey embraces all opportunities that Columbia has to offer.

The choice to attend Columbia College for Rickey was a “hands down” decision since he is able to develop skills in music, fashion, and business. When speaking with him, you can tell this is where he belongs. “It might seem cliche to say that ‘I’m living my dream’, but I really am!”

Columbia College offers many experiential courses and the perfect environment for young entrepreneurs. Rickey created his clothing line in 2011 with the concept of equality. “The concept comes from my understanding of how we are all odd (different) in our own unique way but that’s what’s makes us even (equal).” His signature use of the numbers one, three and six and the acronym of “Many Apply Knowledge Equally” brings this unique collection to life.

The Columbia experience has allowed Rickey to courageously take risks with his music and fashion, but more importantly to gain new perspectives through hands-on experiences and collaborations with like-minded people. One of his most helpful classes was the Talent Management course. “Since I’m a songwriter/rapper, I began to understand what you should be looking for in a manager or talent agent but I now have the upper hand being able to manage myself.”  

Like many Columbia students, Rickey developed a clear vision for his future. With the skills and experiences gained through coursework and projects, he will definitely realize his goals. “In five years I see myself traveling to perform my music at popular venues and also leaving my mark in the fashion design industry. I’ll be the trending wave instead of riding it.”