Course Spotlight: Club Management at Reggie’s

Course Spotlight: Club Management at Reggie’s

Branding is critical in any business. In Club Management, the students chose “CCC Reggie’s Takeover” as the name for their series of shows and purchased this 12’x6’ banner to show it off! The students began the semester with their first show on September 30th at Reggie’s, a Chicago rock music venue, bar and grill, and record store.

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Overclocked helps kick off the Fall 2015 season of CCC Reggie’s takeover at Reggies on State.

The Club Management: Practicum class (28-4080/5080) provides students with the opportunity to produce and present Reggie’s Chicago, a rock club near the Columbia College Chicago campus. Business and Entrepreneurship classes, like the one shown in these photos, allow students to apply knowledge and theory learned in previous coursework to the creative and practical experience of running a club.  In Club Management, in particular, they form a management team, select artists, budget, complete contracts, riders and settlements statements, and market and promote a series of shows.

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Columbia College faculty Brendan Joyce and Joe Bogdan shout above the din on the first day of this semester’s CCC Reggie’s Takeover, while Club Management students Karoline Kijowski, Melissa Fitzgerald, Courtney Stevens and Kassi Folster take a quick break from the work to enjoy the view from stage right.

Look out for the next CCC Reggie’s Takeover on October 14th!