Student Spotlight: Britney Turner (MAM ’16)

Britney Turner_Student_2015

Britney Turner, MAM ’16

Britney Turner is a second-year student in the Business & Entrepreneurship Master of Arts Management program. In pursuit of her degree, she also thrives as the CEO of HerStyle Media, founded in 2012. Below she gives us a glimpse into her Columbia experience as she manages academics with her entrepreneurial pursuits.
What is your major or BA?

For my undergraduate studies I received my Bachelors in Communication with a specialization in Journalism. From there, I decided to focus more on the business side of my industry, and applied for Columbia’s Business and Entrepreneurship Management program.

Why did you choose Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship program?

Columbia’s Master of Arts program really stuck out to me, and definitely had all of the qualities I was searching for in a graduate program. I saw that the program would allow me to really hone in on the professional side of the arts, media and entertainment spectrum, and I would be able to receive quality information from professors who are known in those fields as well.

What are your goals for being in this program? Do you have a dream job?

After finishing this program, I hope to take my platform,, to the next level. Right now we serve as a lifestyle blog for women to help inspire and empower them through their career and entrepreneurial endeavors. Long term, I hope to open an office here in Chicago to keep the platform going, and I hope to start an annual networking conference for professional women in various fields to be inspired and connected with others in the same field or different field from them. Short term, I would love to be a digital media coordinator for a brand or company, primarily in the fashion or beauty industry!

What is the most positive impact this program has had on your professional development and future career?

I would have to say the most positive impact this program has had on my professional development and future career plans so far would be having so many faculty members that are willing and ready to help you whenever you need guidance. Coming from a huge college campus, I never really had professors and faculty that really sat with me and wanted to know my future career plans. It feels great to know I have that support from the faculty in the Business and Entrepreneurship department.

What classes have helped you the most and why?

Really, all of my classes have been extremely helpful. My first semester really helped me learn the basics of being an entrepreneur, like accounting, marketing, behavioral economics, etc, while my second semester helped me hone in on my business and narrow down what’s needed for future planning. Our law class with Dawn Larsen really helped me to form a perspective on how important it is to legally claim your business ventures. I’m already anticipating what this year will bring, and how it will prepare me after graduation.

Are there any particular professors who have made a significant impression on you? In what ways?

I would have to say Beth Ryan has definitely made a significant impression on me, personally and in my career endeavors. She was my professor for Leadership in the Arts, and we were able to connect about my career plans and different ideas to bring women together for a powerful cause. She taught me a lot about myself, and the qualities and responsibilities that I would need to take on if I want to be a powerful leader in my industry. I really appreciate all of her efforts to prepare us to be strong-minded individuals, and not to be afraid to take on challenges that might seem foreign to us.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself officially opening an office for HerStyle Media in Chicago, and hopefully having our annual women’s conference in Chicago and in New York.

You can follow Britney and HerStyle Media on Instagram and Twitter @HerStyleMedia.