Student Spotlight: Gabriela Rodriguez

Student Spotlight: Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez – Freshman – Live & Performing Arts Management Major – Business & Entrepreneurship – Columbia College Chicago

Meet freshman Gabriela Rodriguez, a Business of Live and Performing Arts Management major here at Columbia College Chicago. She sees herself in law school after she finished her degree. In this student spotlight, Gabriela talks about how she made her decision to come to Chicago and Columbia.

What is your Major?

Gabriela: Business of Live and Performing Arts Management.

What are your goals for being in this program?

Gabriela: I’m highly interested in the field of entertainment law, intellectual property, and event management. My goals going forth with this program are working and immersing myself in those areas of study in order to form myself as an aspiring law student.

Why did you choose Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship program, and how do you think this program will create personal growth within your future career?

Gabriela: Coming from the island of Puerto Rico, I always hoped to find a program and a city that allowed me to work creatively and intuitively, challenging and educating me in the fields of management and entrepreneurship but also allowing me to have creative liberty and a platform to do so. This program motivates me to grow as a professional in the industry and therefore takes me one step closer to reaching my full potential. Given the opportunity of taking courses in the fields of entertainment law and having professors working currently in those fields excites me and helps me as a student define my long term career goals.

Are there any particular professors who have made a significant impact on you? How?

Gabriela: Elizabeth Ryan, my management professor made a significant impact on me as a student. She has helped me every step of the way in terms of defining long terms goals and aspirations in the industry. In times were I felt unmotivated, she pushed me further and provided a learning space where I could put in practice my managerial and professional skills.

Joe Bogdan was my Business of Live and Performing arts professor; he is a lawyer and an amazing professor. I would say he was the biggest influence on my decision to pursue a law degree after Columbia. His teachings and lectures opened my eyes into the world of entertainment law and he brought personal experiences and real life events into the classroom. Thanks to him, I have a clear perspective on my long terms goals as a professional.

What other career related interests do you have?

Gabriela: Event Management for entertainment venues and non-profit organizations in the city.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Gabriela: Hopefully in law school, pursuing a law degree. Also, working for non-profit organizations related to theater and education for children.