Student Spotlight: Betsy Ray (MAM ’16)


Meet Betsy Ray, a first year student in the Business & Entrepreneurship graduate program invested in Visual Arts. Currently she is working with a film series called America the Beautiful. In this student spotlight she discusses the series in depth, her personal goals, and why she chose the Business & Entrepreneurship program.

What are two things you feel others should expect to gain from the documentary film series America the Beautiful: Sexualization of Our Youth?

Betsy: “Shocking exposure, visionary solutions, and a deeper understanding of this social issue which has been surfacing more and more within the news. This documentary is dark and intense but shows an uncensored approach to this prevailing issue. Darryl Roberts has done a great job of exposing the audience through dark content with an inspiring story of change and youth inspiration. Every one of us is affected by this, both male and female; it is important to be aware how media directly affects the younger audience.”

How has working with this film series enhanced your future career goals and aspirations?

Betsy: “I have always been invested in the Visual Arts and have spent a majority of my time working in this field. Working on America the Beautiful has shown me that my skills are not limited to just the arts. This position has shown me that the opportunities are endless; you should not limit yourself to one medium, one field, and one venue. It is has been very important for me to try out different work environments in order to adjust my end aspiration. As for my future goals, they currently are to complete graduate school and to continue on my career journey of figuring out where my skills and passion can be used most effectively…wherever that may be.”

Why did you choose Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship program, and how do you think this program will create personal growth within your career?

Betsy: “I chose this program to widen my horizons. In undergrad I followed my passion, getting a double major in studio and art history, which has been my backbone, my first steps into the real world. Now through this program I hope to turn my passion into professional achievement. This program will turn my vision into action. I picked this program to gain an understanding of the business. And having a creative background mixed with business, there is no stopping this professional mix, it’s the best of both worlds!”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Betsy: “Five years…is a very long time. As explained before I want to see where my next intrigue takes me, and through this program I know I not only will figure out where my career will start but it will help me get there! I hope that whatever I am doing I am making an impact. I would like to help expand the contemporary art scene in Chicago, there is a great hub already but I want to connect more people to more art. Chicago is second to none!”

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