AEMM Alum talks music industry, gives advice

Taylor Mallory AEMM Alum Feature

Alum talks music industry, gives advice

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Alexandra Kukulka

Taylor Mallory’s father noticed his son’s musical talent when he was singing in the laundry room at 5 years old. Soon, it was evident to the Mallory family that their son had a unique ability no one else in the family had. Later on, Mallory decided to start a contemporary gospel band called The Boys with a few of his church friends.

Columbia alumnus Taylor Mallory is a singer, actor and entertainer who recently released a new single, “You Do It.” He is also a video jockey for Akoo TV and created his own show called “Music Burger,” which teaches viewers to cook and introduces them to new artists.

Mallory graduated from Columbia in December 2009 with a degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management and has been busy in the entertainment industry with Level Next Music and Lily’s Talent Agency ever since. He has had the opportunity to write, produce and sing songs as well as a video jockey for Akoo TV, created his own music and food show and act in commercials. READ MORE