Launchpad: “Money, Money, Money” Recap

AEMM alumni and grad students gathered on February 22nd for the second installment of “Launchpad.”  The series was started last semester by the student-led Arts Management Network as a platform for alumni and students to meet, network, and discuss issues of professional development in the arts.  February’s talk, titled “Money, Money, Money,” centered around how to generate multiple revenue streams as an artist.  AEMM professor Bob Blandford (Coordinator of Visual Arts) was joined by Kerry Reid (Columbia adjunct and freelance arts journalist) and Rik Garrett (an exhibiting fine art photographer) as the evening’s panelists.

The common thread throughout the evening: everything is worth a try.  At the organizational level, museums need to be less reluctant about diversifying their revenue streams by renting out their spaces (for weddings, for instance) during off-hours.  Individual artists, too, can find new revenue sources while staying true to their art.  One example that Rik Garrett offered was that he started creating collectible, limited-edition photographic items after he noticed how popular handmade crafts have become.

Of course, an online presence plays a big role in diversifying revenue.  The shrinkage of arts criticism in print has created more demand for it online.  Social networks are important too, but artists need to have a presence on all platforms.  Someone who spends all day on Tumblr, for instance, or only looks at Twitter is not going to check your Facebook Page as frequently.

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