Media MFA Serves Up Change in America

In her hometown debut, performance artist N.Daviná Stewart will bring her provocative work Food for Thought to Gary, Indiana. Her piece is a multi-media and interdisciplinary performance about the “elephant in America’s living room” —that of ongoing racism in our country.

Two Gary, Indiana venues (LiveArts Studio at 4760 Broadway, and Café 444 at 444 S. Lake Street) will host Stewart’s interactive performance piece at the end of August. In the wake of the George Zimmerman trial, the Paula Deen indictment, and Detroit’s descent into bankruptcy, Stewart’s Food For Thought is a timely piece that explores issues of race, class, and the need for structural change in America.

Stewart showcases her love of spoken-word, storytelling, and her commitment to utilizing art as a vehicle for social change in this creative mash-up of poetry, monologues, and installations. Audience members are crucial as active participants in both the performance and its metaphor of individual and collective transformation.

Using her biting wit to engage the audience, Daviná Stewart builds a safe and creative space to explore uncomfortable issues in an effort to remind people of each individual’s importance to the process of healing and transforming America. Her hope is for this participatory work of art to be a mirror reflection that incites action and change. Says N.Daviná, “I want Food for Thought to act like a catalyst for change, providing fuel for the mind, body, and soul! Change is on my menu, and now being served. Everyone is invited to come and make it!”

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