Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Summer Exhibition Features Work by InterArts MFA

This summer’s feature exhibition at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative features artists who work in both sound and print media. One of the most prolific of the exhibiting artists is Anchor Graphics’ Chris Flynn, who is not only the master printer at Anchor, but starting this fall will be in the MFA program in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts.

Chris, who is a member of the band Hyperbole Ensemble, has always expressed himself using multiple art forms. In both his music and his drawing and print work, Chris works with acts of layering. In sound and music the melodies and rhythms are layered and manipulated, with a variety of instruments and vocals resting upon one another in a complex matrix of sound. Printmaking involves similar processes, with layers of visual information placed on top of previous marks, using stone, plates, or screens. In both forms, the depth of the image comes over time as shapes are added, subtracted, covered, and revealed on the way to the final piece.

The CPC exhibition showcases a portfolio of prints made by nine artists in an edition of 20. An accompanying CD of nine songs related to the artwork is included in the packaging of the portfolio, which mimics the once-commonplace 12″ x 12″ vinyl album cover. Both the portfolios and the artists’ individual proofs are available to the public for purchase, as well as individual proofs by each artist.

The opening reception in June was celebrated with live performances by the exhibition artists, whose music styles range from folk to jazz, rock and punk, and everything in between. The portfolio also features a wide variety of styles and methods, but in traditional printmaking: lithography, etching, screen printing, and relief. The exhibition continues through August 31. For more information on the CPC and gallery hours, click here.