Fall 2013 CBPA Offset Fellowships Announced

Brad Freeman, CBPA studio coordinator and the founder/editor of the Journal of Artists’ Books (JAB) has announced the recipients of the fall 2013 Print Production Fellowship awards.

Starting September 3, Heather Buechler and Levi Sherman will be the Print Production Fellows, taking over the reins from Jenna Rodriguez, Claire Sammons (both MFA 2103), and Kate Morgan (MFA 2014).

The Print Fellows are charged with assisting in the production of the Center’s printed promotional materials, the Center’s academic publications, course-related print projects, and various aspects of the over studio maintenance. The Fellowship is an annual position shared by two MFA condidates, and each receives training in prepress production, press operation (both offset and letterpress), and other aspects of print production.

Last year's Offset Fellows Kate Morgan and Jenna Rodriguez at work.

Last year’s Offset Fellows Kate Morgan and Jenna Rodriguez at work.

Looking forward to the fall semester, Fellowship recipient Levi Sherman said “I’ll work on JAB and other CBPA publications, while learning how to run a Heidelberg GTO offset press and a Heidelberg windmill, and spend my time looking at and writing about artist books—it’s hard to imagine a better job!”