Free Performance of New Summer Work at InterArts Raw Space

With her new work, Megan Pitcher deliberately provokes: acts of moving, listening and contributing, all instigated by a prompt that encourages openness, honesty, daring, or compassion. The result was open for all to see in a free immersive performance at the InterArts Raw Space on Friday night.

“The project foolishly, but hopefully asserts that how we embody a space energetically shapes the dwelling, and all those who venture therein,” says Pitcher. “Together, audience and performers develop an agreement of boundaries and time. The performance reveals how our lives can be dictated by those elements, while making space for a plausible alternative.”

The performance experiences will continue into the future and in other formats, with documentation in writings, photography, and video and audio recordings. The interdisciplinary fragments that are collected from the performance will be compiled into an artists’ book. The intention is to have the documentation readily available for those interested in repeating similar experiments.

For more information on the artist and the project, click here.