Space and Place Closing Performance

The latest installation/performance pieces from this fall’s Space and Place course workshops had the final performances last Tuesday evening.

<img alt="jules%201.jpg" src="" width="500" height="333" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Julianna Piscitiello’s Suspended Illuminations and Alexa Rittichier’s Liminal Breath completed their runs with a closing reception. Visitors were able to interact with Suspended Illuminations throughout the evening, creating a changing series of views up until the last moments of the installation.

<img alt="ritt1.jpg" src="" width="450" height="675" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Rittichier's Liminal Breath, significantly altered from its original installed version, went through a final transformation through the artist’s closing reception performance.

Photos: Michael St. John