Visiting Artist Workshop Brings New Letterforms to Life

<img alt="dafi%20lettering%202.jpg" src="" width="500" height="319" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Students in the November workshops with Dafi Kühne at the Center for Book and Paper Arts traveled outside the traditional letterpress world, both visually and texturally.

<img alt="dafi_vida.jpg" src="" width="500" height="353" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Artist Dafi Kühne working with workshop participant Vida Sacic

Workshop participants used everything from cardboard to foil to plastic in creating new layers and letterforms in their artwork. Besides creating multiple pieces to share with each other and the artist, prints from each person’s work will also find a home in the Center for Book and Paper Arts permanent collection.