Columbia College Chicago Theatre Dept. Alum’s Band, Apostle Jones, Releases New EP, ‘Lilith’

Mikey Silas (center) and Apostle Jones. (Photo: Dan Cornelius)

Columbia College Chicago Theatre Department alumnus Mikey Silas ’11, a graduate of the Theatre Department’s BA Program in Musical Theatre, and his band Apostle Jones have released their debut LP, Lilith. The recording is praised in a review published September 11, 2020, in the online magazine Pressure:

“One of Cleveland’s hardest working bands is finally getting to hold the fruits of their labor in their hands,” writes Pressure‘s Dave Sebille. “Apostle Jones released their debut EP, Lilith, today on both physical and digital mediums. The four song EP is a ‘sampling of some of the directions we’ll be heading with the full length.’ according to the groups founding member, singer, keys player, and lead vocalist Mikey Silas. . . . Silas says of the hundred plus shows the band has played in the last two years: ‘My background is in the performing arts, so that has always been an important aspect of this to me.’ He adds, ‘Some bands figure themselves out and then present themselves, I like to jump in the deep end and figure it out by surviving.’ ” Sebille also praises Silas for “the guttural depths of his vocal range and witch driven lyrics.” You can read the full review here.

Mikey Silas

As previously reported in this blog, Silas, a Cleveland native who came to Chicago to study at Columbia College and worked in Chicago’s theatre scene before returning to his home town, previously released a solo CD, Left Hanging. Currently Silas and Apostle Jones are working to expand their EP Lilith into a full-length album.