Columbia College Chicago Theatre Dept. Alums and Students Featured in ‘The Selfish Giant’ Through June 30

Alumni and students from the Columbia College Chicago Theatre Department are featured in The Selfish Giant, Ghostlight Ensemble Theatre Company‘s adaptation of the classic children’s story by Oscar Wilde.

Daniela Martinez
Zoe Savransky
Molly Gloeckner

The show’s cast includes Daniela Martinez ’19 and Zoe Savransky ’19, both graduates of the Theatre Department’s BFA Program in Acting. Also in the cast is Molly Gloeckner, a senior in the Theatre Department’s BA Program in Acting. The show runs through June 30 at Otherworld Theatre, located at 3914 N. Clark in Chicago’s Belmont Theatre District.

Told through an ensemble of physical storytellers and geared toward young audiences, The Selfish Giant tells the story of a large lovely garden and the children who loved to play there until the return of the giant who owns the land. Outraged to see the children on his land, the giant builds a big wall to keep them out and puts up a notice that reads: TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED. But without the children, the garden falls into perpetual winter and the Selfish Giant finds himself isolated and all alone. The Selfish Giant illustrates the perils of isolation and the negative consequences of selfishness, but it also teaches that it is never too late for redemption and for love.