Get Ready for Fashion Week!

Stumped about how to pronounce Prabal Gurung or Thankoon? Unsure about how to say Elie Saab or Marchesa?  Is the last n silent in Lanvin and Balmain (hint, yes it is!)?

With awards season underway and fashion weeks happening all over the world, make sure you sound like a pro when you mention Solange on the cover of ELLE in Issey Miyake or Naomie Harris promoting Moonlight in Proenza Schouler.

Here are some tools to help you out:

Pop Sugar has a handy video that runs down the names of current designers in alphabetical order – and it includes the phonetic spelling!


If that was too fast, try these sites from Harper’s Bazaar …

Just a few examples from Harper’s Bazaar

InStyle …


…and Valet 

Samples from Valet
Fashionista has a guide that includes current job titles (current as of Sept 2016).

The Chic Spy is my personal favorite – it includes audio clips so you can hear someone say the name (correctly).

(Just a screen shot – go to the site to play the audio files, or click the embedded link below)