New Library Furniture Trial through April 18

Come and try out Media:scape in the Library through April 18! You may reserve online, or just drop in.  And please fill out a survey: we want your feedback!

The Library invites you to participate in a trial of Media:scape, an environment which connects furniture, technology and peer-to-peer collaboration all in one. Columbia is piloting the collaborative technology as part of an ongoing effort to plan for the new Library at 820 S. Michigan Ave. and is seeking feedback from users about their experience with the system.

A group of users connects simultaneously, and any given user simply touches his or her “puck” to display work on the screen.  One of the three units on trial uses a double screen, so work can be compared or multiple media can be used at once.

Media:scape installations are available in the Library in Group Study Room 301G, the 3rd Floor North Reading Room, and the Weisman Reading Room on 2.

Jan Chindlund, Library Dean, is quoted in the Chronicle article: “We hope that the new library will be a place where people can meet across all disciplines and create new work. We think technology of this nature will enable rich conversation to take place [and] enable people to show their work to each other.”

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