What Your Columbia ID Can Do for You

Did you know? Your Columbia ID is your library card for Columbia’s Library. But that’s not all! It is also your library card for nearby libraries at Roosevelt University, Robert Morris University, School of the Art Institute, DePaul University, and college and university libraries all over Illinois that are in the I-Share system.

Take your Columbia ID over to one of the libraries in walking distance to check out a book, or use the Library Borrower ID number (barcode that starts with 22711… on the back of your ID) to have books sent to Columbia Library from any I-Share library. Search the I-Share Catalog for millions of books!

What else can your ID do for you? If you add Columbia Cash to your ID, you can print and photocopy in the Library and campus computer labs. You can also buy coffee in the Library, and shop at these fine locations.

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