Chicago Journalists Association Illustrations

Title: Chicago Journalists Association: Early 20th Century Illustrations
Location: Library, 624 S. Michigan Ave., 2nd floor east
Contact: CADC ( )
Dates: Jan 23 through May 5, 2012

Come view selected political cartoons and illustrations from the Chicago Journalists Association collection, most on display for the first time in nearly thirty years.  Chicago Journalists Association is a non-profit organization of experienced print and electronic journalists in the Chicago area that was founded during the Chicago World’s Fair.

During the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, Chicago journalists met while covering the event.  Forty years later, on August 12, 1933, at the second Chicago World Fair, the Century of Progress, a reunion of the press veterans of 1893 was held, a board was formed, and the organization began to meet once a year.

In 1939, Joseph C. Davis, a sportswriter, led the promotion of the Chicago Press Veterans Association and widened its membership base. This organization of professional journalists held its first annual dinner in December 1939 and the association was incorporated in 1942. 
In 2011, the Chicago Journalists Association donated the collection to College Archives and Digital Collections at Columbia College Chicago for curricular support and research use.