Return to the Earth: Contemporary Natural Dyeing Exhibit

Dyed fabricsdyed fabric, blue and white

The Columbia College Chicago Library will be hosting a complementary Fashion Studies exhibit exploring the beauty of natural dyed fabric and fashion. 

  • Where? 624 S. Michigan Ave, 1st Floor
  • When? November 7th to December 4th

While you’re in the library checking out the exhibit, take some time to explore books and learn more about natural dyes. Books on this topic include: 

  • The Dyer’s Art (746.6L334d) 
  • Dyes from Kitchen Produce (667.26179d) 
  • A Red Like No Other (667.26R312p) 
  • Indigo (667.26B185ie2012) 
  • Sustainable Fashion, 3rd ed (746.92S964u) 
  • Colors from Nature (667.26M174c) 
  • Chemistry and Technology of Natural and Synthetic Dyes and Pigments (eBook) 
  • Natural or Synthetic Dyes?: The Preservation of Indeigenous Textile Dyeing Techniques (eBook) 

And more!  

Check the 4th floor Zine Exchange for the Natural Dyes zine that documents highlights from a recent panel discussion, shares more information about the artists in the exhibit, and provides information on related library materials.