Groundbreaking Music Industry Courses

On Monday July 23rd, The AAA, AEMM and Music departments will jointly launch a series of three ground breaking courses (one in each department), which will run in parallel and work in concert.

These classes are built on a week-long, 12-hour-a-day immersive format. They will offer a unique experiential learning opportunity for students interested in music, music business and audio arts. The 45 registered students will engage these disciplines in a hands-on environment. They will be coached on the development of their musical, technical and management skills through collaborative projects encompassing song development and arranging, live performance, recording, live sound reinforcement, artist management and music company operations.

Students enlisted in the Management track will participate in a music industry simulation game for the first part of the week and then prepare an EP release of artists’ music created and recorded during the workshop. During the simulation portion of the week, students will create a music organization and be challenged by faculty through a variety of industry situations. During the second half of the week students will plan, develop and implement the marketing and social media to promote the music release. There will be a final showcase performance at Reggie’s Rock Club.

It is a truly unique opportunity for students, and it reinforces the competitive edge of the three departments.

For The AEMM Department, this collaborative initiative is the culmination of two years of intense transformation. It illustrates our new teaching philosophy, built along the following principles:
Teaching experimentation before theory: focusing on student discovery of subject matter and realigning core and concentration classes
Building an extended learning environment: creating a continuum between in- and out-of-class activities and transforming the entire campus into a learning laboratory for future arts managers
Learning by doing: developing a series of experiential classes in which AEMM majors collaborate with students from other majors, learn their craft by contributing to the life of the college
Reflecting on experience: allowing students to take control of their education, safely stretch their limits, learn from their mistakes and earn academic credits in the process
Putting the art back into arts management: getting inspiration from teaching practice in artistic departments, to move away from traditional lecture