Woody Leslie in /mit ðə detə/: Source Materials Visualized at New York Center For Book Arts


Second-year Book & Paper student Woody Leslie‘s work Molecular Typography will be part of the mit ðə detə/: Source Materials Visualized (July 8 – September 19, 2015) exhibition at the Center for Book Arts in New York City, who placed his work prominently on the Center’s promotional card for summer exhibitions.

mit ðə detə/: Source Materials Visualized presents artists’ books, book-related artworks, and text-based new media that are visual interpretations, extrapolations, and recontextualizations of researched source materials such as data analysis, surveying, mapping, plotting, data mining, statistics, analytics, observations, and schemes. In keeping with the theme, the exhibition title includes the phrase “Meet the data” rendered phonetically. The exhibition features artist members of the Center for Book Arts as well as invited artists to further the discourse of the exhibition’s theme.

Artists included are: Karen Baldner, Jen Bervin, Matthew Birchall, AJ Bocchino, Sara Bouchard, Sarah Bryant, Eve Faulkes, Neil Freeman, Barbara Henry, Candace Hicks, Peter Jellitsch, Jessica Lagunas, Woody Leslie, Emily McVarish, Toby Millman, Barbara Milman, John Risseeuw, Maria Veronica San Martin, Libby Scarlett, Tim Schwartz, Ellen Sheffield, Ward Shelley, Joshua Singer, Edyth Skinner, Jeff Thompson, Carolyn Thompson, Angie Waller, Thomas Parker Williams, and Sam Winston.