New Fountains Exhibit Forms of Edgewater by BJ Allen at 916 S Wabash


Second-year media student BJ Allen has created an exhibit, Forms of Edgewater, for the Fountains Foundation space created by 2014 alum Leo Selvaggio and now managed by Lilli Kayes. The unique space consists of four circular mirrors on which the artist has the freedom and challenge to create work for specifically.

Forms of Edgewater takes digital pinhole images of fall leaves and remediates them into new forms through technology. The project is part of a larger body of work, Edgewater Oriented Ontology, which uses new and traditional media to transform a variety of sound and images from the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago.

This work emphasizes the value of perspective. Forms of Edgewater has the feel of topographic maps by using a transparent acrylic window as a way to see color shapes through laser-etched contour lines. This brings a new experience to looking at a very common subject of beauty: the colors of autumn.

The exhibit can be seen through mid-February on the second floor or the 916 S Wabash building on campus.