Alumna N. Davina Stewart Performing Exodus 2019 in Rhinofest and MPAACT Solo Jams


How do you commemorate a kidnapping? Stage an escape. In Exodus 2019, N. Davina Stewart utilizes common objects in abstract ways to tell a concrete story.

In the summer of 1619, a Dutch ship stole the cargo of a Spanish ship and landed in Virginia. That cargo of 20 Africans was traded for food creating another chapter in the New World nightmare. In Exodus 2019, N. Davina Stewart constructs a “ship” and tracks the perilous African American journey from insurrections to prison pipelines. Come along for the ride through the treacherous waters of the current state of affairs to ponder what the next 400 years hold: shipwreck or safe harbor?   
Rhinofest: Prop Thtr  Saturday Jan. 31 9 PM and  Sunday Feb 1 2 PM 3502 N. Elston Ave.

MPAACT Solo Jams: Saturday Feb. 21 11 PM Greenhouse Theater Center 2257 N. Lincoln Ave.