Paul Catanese Makes Art With Drones in Papermaker’s Garden and Anchor Graphics

Drone art in Anchor Graphics.

Earlier this month, InterArts Associate Chair and Media Program Director Paul Catanese furthered his research and thrilled a crowd of onlookers as he guided a four-propeller drone in the Papermaker’s Garden and then in the Anchor Graphics studio.

The drone in the Papermaker’s Garden.

Catanese drew several images with the drone as it hovered over various surfaces that included litho stones, mylar, and copperplate. Catanese used many different kinds of brushes, pigments, and etching solutions to mark the surfaces in this initial step in the print-making process. This experiment is part of Catnese’s ongoing and multi-faceted Visible From Space project.

A test print.

In the coming weeks, Catanese will be working with David Jones and Chris Flynn at Anchor Graphics to make test prints from the plates derived from the drone-drawn artwork, as well as conducting more drone flights.

For more photos and additional explanation of this experiment, click here.