Greenleaf Art Center “Art to Fall” Exhibition Shows Faculty and Alumnus Work


After just completing “Excavating the Image,” an intensive course in the first semester InterArts media MFA curriculum, the students had the good fortune to be able to see professor Niki Nolin‘s work at the Greenleaf Art Center, which held an “Art to Fall” exhibition and open studios. The students saw Nolin in her element in her skylit studio surrounded by Nolin’s digital and analog imagery. While they were there, Columbia Art & Design faculty member John Dylong stopped by Nolin’s studio as well. The students were treated to Nolin’s instruction this semester in the InterArts MFA program, as she normally works as a full-time member of the Interactive Arts & Media faculty.


The event showed work of eighty artists that work in the 20,000 square-foot space. Nolin pointed the students to the work of InterArts alum Pate Conaway, who welcomed the students to his studio filled with abundant textile-based art including flotation device-inspired works. Conaway gave student Yunji Johanning a book from his thesis when he discovered her interest in bringing dreams into her artwork. The event, clearly a success with visitors overflowing the hallways and studios, was given a little extra warmth with the presence of InterArts artists.