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Just released by the U.K. publisher Intellect , Sharon Louden’s new book Living and Sustaining a Creative Life promises to provide valuable insights into the wide range of possibilities available to those who make a commitment to creativity.

Louden worked with 40 contemporary working artists to investigate their individual stories of living and sustaining a creative life, and present similarities and differences in their approach to creating a balance in their lives with art being their chosen “line of work.” As art has become more of a commodity, many students graduating from art school believe that they will immediately make a living as an artist by obtaining gallery representation. Louden’s goal is to dispel the belief that there is only one way to chart an artistic path, and show the reality of how artists—from the emerging to the established—juggle their creative lives with the everyday needs of making a living. InterArts Assistant Professor Melissa Potter is one of the contributors to this new book, and her recent projects and insights on working both inside and outside the traditional studio space add another pathway to the future options that MFA candidates should consider. For more information on Louden and her new book, click here.

GA pic

Potter’s Gender Assignment installation and blog are part of the current Construction exhibition at A+D Gallery, curated by Sabina Ott. The exhibition runs through September 21, with a closing reception September 18. As part of Gender Assigment, Potter is administering the BEM Sex Role Inventory test to volunteers, and has created an open dialogue on the Gender Assigment blogsite. Her final post to the blog will coincide with the closing reception of the exhibition, where she will unveil the “findings” of hundreds of project participants who have taken the test. Click on the links for more information on the exhibition and closing reception.