Columbia’s Workroom Facility Offers Implementation Options for InterArts Artists

One of the hidden gems on Columbia’s urban campus is the Workroom, a multi-purpose construction/fabrication/open studio resource space. This resource center is under the umbrella of the Student Activities and Leadership, and can serve as a one-stop solution spot for multiple InterArts grad projects.

Workroom is open to all Columbia students on a drop-in or more extended basis. Students stop in to use the space or tools, like getting a quick glue or staple job done, or, they can reserve space for a specific extended time frame. the Workroom provides easy access to supplies, materials (within the Workroom), as well as creative advice and logistical support from the staff. The Workroom also offers some storage for in-progress projects.

Located on the third floor of 916 S. Wabash (room 301), this handy on-campus spot is in the same building as the InterArts EQ Center, classrooms, 916 computer lab, performances spaces, and offers basic tools and materials used for construction (scissors, glue (wood and white), rulers, hammers and screwdrivers). The location makes it a life-saver for InterArts MAs, who are often rushing to campus from work, and may not always have all the tools they need on-hand right before class. The Workroom also offers hands-on workshops each semester that are free and open to all Columbia College students. Each workshop starts at 5:00 p.m. in the Workroom, and each topic is offered twice per semester. You can find the full workshop schedule here. 
The Workroom is open on weekdays Monday through Friday from 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m. They are easy to reach at 312-369-7877; email to, or find them on tumblr by clicking the link.