Call for Work: South Shore Art Festival

South Shore Art Festival is designed as a dynamic space for creative thinking and action, bringing together artists and participants in a cultural activation covering more than 2 square miles of the City of Chicago.

Participation is provided free courtesy of the South Shore Chamber.

South Shore Art Festival Dates:

Opening reception: Friday, August 16th 2013

Exhibition duration: from Friday, August 16th through Friday December 13th 2014

Artwork submissions: Ongoing, for prize consideration applications must be turned in by Wednesday, July 31st at 11:59 pm

Display of Works:
Artwork will be displayed throughout the community of South Shore in a variety of settings. These public locations will range from windows of local businesses, to the complete takeover of abandoned buildings. If you are interested in creating a specific artwork for the festival such as a mural or a performance please visit our site specific project page HERE.

As you complete the application please keep the public nature of this festival in mind. The safety of your artwork is a top priority so works that cannot survive in a public setting will not be accepted. This could be an issue due to a wide variety of situations such as artwork being too delicate to display safely in a storefront or requiring constant attending. South Shore Art festival will use its best efforts to accommodate all artworks and will work with artists to select the best location that can display their works successfully

Artworks Considered:
South Shore Art Festival will be considering all manner of artworks and installation proposals from artists, institutions, designers, curators and creative individuals. Artists may submit more than one artwork and may submit a personal application in addition to being part of a group application. Group applications should only be submitted once by a representative of the group.

To participate in the South Shore Art Festival artists must submit their complete application no later than Wednesday, July 31st at 11:59 pm. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from the beginning of the artist call until the end of the application period. All artists will receive a notification on their approval status no later than Monday, August 5th.

All applications will be reviewed by a Curatorial Committee made up of South Shore community leaders and select professionals from Chicago’s creative community.

The committee will be judging artwork based upon a set criteria deigned to select works of merit and determine an artwork(s) suitability for this specific opportunity. Upon selection the committee will pair an artist with a location and assign a curator to work with the artist directly for the installation.

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DEADLINE: Wednesday, July 31st at 11:59 pm