InterArts Alum in Upcoming HATCH Projects Residents Exhibition

Natural Fallacy, a group exhibition by HATCH Projects Residents, opens at the Chicago Artists Coalition on July 12. Included among the artists is InterArts Media alumnus Nicholas Sagan, whose installation work explores contemporary ideas and perceptions surrounding surveillance. His work depicts swarms of drones to point out the interconnectivity of the modern theater of war with the tradition of the military air show.


Through interdisciplinary, new media and traditional art-making processes, Nicholas Sagan’s work explores the connections, parallels, and paradoxes that exist between art, science, technology, and culture. His recent experiments utilize installation and performance media as a way to access and aesthetically interpret scientific imagery and data archives.


The works in Natural Fallacy, curated by HATCH Curatorial Resident MK Meador, delve into the tensions of power and dominance between humans and their natural surroundings. The exhibition title is derived from naturalistic fallacy, which is part of a more widely referenced family of logical gaffes such as the red herring, ad hominem, and false cause. Other artists featured in the exhibition include Noelle Allen, Theodore Darst, Brent Fogt, Jordan Martins, and Matthew Schlagbaum
. The exhibition is at the CAC’s 217 N. Carpenter Street gallery, and runs from July 12 through August 1. For more information, click here.