InterArts MFA Opens Up Collaborative Possibilites in New Work

Second-year InterArts Media MFA Leo Selvaggio presents his newest exploratory work this coming Wednesday, October 24 at 916 South Wabash Avenue, in the second floor installation/performance space 207.

“I’m interested in gathering insight into how the work functions, is received by viewers, and how the work resonates with others, or translates to their experiences,” says Selvaggio. “I’ve recently been expanding my line of inquiry of the body to include public and private experiences. This new work, which has as its working title Laaa, is an experimental group-based installation that tells the story of a very odd and private experience I had during the summer of 2012.” That experience had earlier led Selvaggio to create the video work As I Lay Me Down (Hotel Room Floor), which he encourages visitors to view prior to the Wednesday performance/installation event (click here to view).

The interactive segment of Laaa will be from 5:00-6:00 p;m., but the installation will be up for the rest of the evening for anyone interested in exploring it after the hour-long event, and is free and open to the public.