CBPA Director Steve Woodall presents at Transforming Artists’ Books Symposium

Center for Book and Paper Arts director Steve Woodall made a presentation at the final program in the Transforming Artists’ Books symposium series, held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London July 6. In a talk titled “Expanded Artists’ Books and the Challenges of Taxonomy,” he outlined the impact digital technology has had on the creation of artists’ books, and how technology has now evolved purely digital forms. He discussed how the two modes can create a synergetic expression, and went on to describe how this has added another layer of complexity to the to the already difficult task of classifying artists’ books.

Participants in the series of three symposia have included artists, scholars, librarians and educators representing Tate Britain, the V&A Museum, the CCW colleges, and the British Library, as well as invited guests from the U.S. and France.

Pictured left to right: Johanna Drucker, Helen Douglas, Clive Phillpot, Susan Johanknecht, Eileen Hogan, and Michael Stocking.

Stocking, of Armadillo Design in London, was the original developer of the now ubiquitous page-turning animation, first widely seen on touch screens at the British Library. Here he presents a media-rich digital representation of sketchbook/journals by artist Eileen Hogan.