Summer Residency Artist Explores Time and Type at CBPA

The Center for Book and Paper Arts’ extensive type collection served as a springboard of inspiration for summer resident artist Judith Poirier, as she worked on her new project 2 Minutes of Motion from 2 Weeks of Printing: A Film & a Book.

Building on her previous film, Dialogue, Poirier, who is a Professor in the School of Design at the Université de Québec à Montréal, continued her experimentation with printing simultaneously on film and paper. Her process of combining different media took maximum advantage of the multi-faceted letterpress, polymer, and offset printing facilities at the CBPA studios.

To accomplish all she wanted to do in only two weeks, Poirier worked with the assistance of Elizabeth Gilder, a second year MFA candidate in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts.

“It was my intention to make both a film and a book, exploring the double-page format, and the notion of time, in both media,” said Poirier of her new project. For more information on the artist and her work, click here.