Chicago Arts Archive Interviews Book and Paper MFA

In her new Black To The Future Series of interviews, Tempestt Hazel delves into the origins AfroFuturism and AfroSurrealism, and its contemporary artistic practitioners. Her intention is to pose questions to several artists who have identified their work as AfroFuturist and/or AfroSurreal with the hopes of allowing the self-identifies artists to be at the center of determining what these movements are.


Krista Franklin, Do Androids Dream of How People Are Sheep (Detail), Mixed medium collage on watercolor paper, 2011. (Image courtesy of the artist.)

In the kick-off to the series, Hazel interviews Krista Franklin, who is her second summer of the Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts MFA program. Krista’s new work uses handmade paper, collage, and photographic layering techniques to create images and landscapes derived from her investigation of these philosophical trajectories.

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