Sacred & Profane

Over the September 17–18 weekend, some of Columbia’s Interdisciplinary Arts MFA students created a state of grace on earth… well, actually, on the near north side of Chicago.

Their exhibition theme, “Sacred & Profane” explored how alternative perspectives 
and different points of view become platforms from which we render judgment, 
assign value, and dispense forgiveness.


Artwork: Christopher Saclolo

The heavenly event was held at the Flamenco Arts Center, an alternative space on north Western Avenue, and featured work by Krista Franklin, 
Elizabeth Isakson-Dado, Michelle Korte-Leccia, Jules Piscitiello, Alexa Rittichier, 
Chris Saclolo, Mike La Hood, & Kathi Beste.


Artwork: Elizabeth Isakson-Dado

Photos by Michael St. John