Thesis Critique Week

Laurie, Alexa and Amy

Students Laurie LeBreton, Barry Brodie, Gwen Tulin, Alexa Rittichier and Amy Rabas – Photo: Jenny Garnett

All Interarts classes were canceled the last week in October for the thesis critiques. For four days all of the sixteen MFA candidates presented their thesis proposals.

Nick, Kate and Matthew

Students Matthew aaron, Kate Riegle-Van West and Nick Morr – Photo: Jenny Garnett

Jeanine, Jeff and Jenny

Professors Jeanine Mellinger, Jeff Abell and Jenny Magnus – Photo: Jenny Garnett

Interarts Students

Perdo Prosdocimo, Michelle Graves, Boo Glider, April Llewellyn and Barry Brodie – Photo: Jenny Garnett

Nick, Mimi and Sherri

Candidate Nick Sagan and professors Mimi Schaer and Sherri Antonini – Photo: Jenny Garnett

The next week of critiques will take place in the spring for all first year, second year and MA students.